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Project Statement

"The Rock I Live On" is the fictional story of a man living alone on a rock, separate from civilization. Hope keeps him alive and busy, together with a sense of duty to prevent distant passing ships from crashing on the rocks. Alone for years, he is guided by a belief that his purpose is to protect vessels from running aground on this island. The colours suggest optimism; the colour of the water is reminiscent of glacier rivers, the rocks have a red tinge from algae remnants, and the trees and grass recall the changing seasons. High contrast in brightness and colour conveys a feeling of happiness in a world that is otherwise despairing, and desolate. The metallic shimmer of the print adds a radiance and lustrous finish. Imagining the lighthouse keeper’s faith and dreams encourages the viewer to believe there is, in fact, hope all around and that he welcomes unknown possibilities from the distant civilization. Though remote, the waves suggest he will yet be befriended, that someone will arrive to assist him on this rock. He continues on with optimism and expects to emerge triumphant. 

You can enjoy these prints in Four sizes:

- 22" x  17" (Ed. of 5)

- 38" x 28" (Ed. of 7)

- 48" x 36" (Ed. of 7) 

- 70" x 52" (Ed. of  3)

Please address the contact form regarding availability.

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The Rock
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