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“Vision, is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

— Jonathan Swift




Jesse Vance (Born 1991, Penticton, Canada) began photographing in 2009. His initial primary interest was not photography or a specific art medium, but rather it was to work in the film industry as a technician. Years of working in that field spurred his interest in shooting landscape photographs. Vance first explored panoramas with high contrast scenes. He later transitioned to a conceptual approach, with more involved compositions and lower contrast, described as painterly and soft. The intention was to create a sense of relaxation, as if exhaling in a single breath — the embodiment of what Vance is as a person.

With passion and expertise, Vance creates prints to hang at home before they appear at a gallery. He believes the real joy of the process is the final print, and it is for that reason he creates this work. The satisfaction of the workflow process to final print continually motivates his desire to create, appreciate the work and share it with others. He seeks to reproduce the emotion felt at the location, and conjures a particular story in his mind about what might have existed. 

Vance’s work has been submitted to international competitions, such as the International Photo Awards, One Eyeland Awards, and The ND Awards. Also, Vance has donated three large format prints to the Surrey Urgent Care Response Unit.

He is currently represented by Urban Art and Design in Langley, B.C. and Truth and Beauty in Vancouver.



2020 ND Awards - 1st Place Gold and an Honourable Mention

2020 One Eyeland Photo Awards - 3 Bronze Awards

2020 One EyeLand - Canada's Top 10 Fine Art Photographer  - RANK #1

2020 Int'l Photography Awards - 2 Honourable Mentions

2020 Surrey Arts - Third Place

2019 One Eyeland Photo Awards - Finalist

 2019 Surrey Arts - Honourable Mention

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