Jesse Vance's Portfolio

Project Statement

"Colours of White Rock" is the first project of Vance's fine art photography career. Living in the area since his youth, Vance noticed few eloquent portrayals of White Rock.  He had seen many paintings, but after walking the pier in White Rock throughout the years since being a small boy, he wanted to capture the beach with a different view in mind. Vance went there with a sense of serenity, to feel the calm of the water, the gentle sound of rolling waves, seagulls chirping, and a feeling of peace that only exists on a windless day. Vance strives to convey this feeling through the colours and textures in these images. There are purposely no figures seen in these photographs, in order to allow the viewer to insert themselves where he stood. In four months spent photographing at the beach, Vance produced a series of prints - a project he feels captures the calmness people experience when they visit the beach.

You can enjoy these prints in Four sizes:

- 22" x  17" (Ed. of 5)

- 38" x 28" (Ed. of 7)

- 48" x 36" (Ed. of 7) 

- 70" x 52" (Ed. of  3)

Please address the contact form regarding availability.

Feel free to click and zoom in on the images.

A New Day
Sit with Me
Resting Ripples
At Rest
Sand and Solitude
Distant Future
Smooth Sky
Misty Past
The Other Side
Pillars of Strength
Magical Moment
Still Standing
Calm Setting In
Old Posture
Flying High
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