Artist Statement

The approach to this series of work recalls pictorial and surrealist movements, recreating images with the use of special techniques and expertise gained working in cinema. This practical experience is used to enhance colour and contrast to accentuate the narrative. Composition in each print leads the eye throughout the frame – and with the added element of fantasy, it invites the viewer to become engaged as a character in Vance’s imagined world. 

The audience is actively invited to experience a sense of being there themselves. 

The use of very long shutter speeds creates an effect of eliminating human presence from the image. This technique seeks to create the feeling that the viewer is alone within landscape, in a  calm, relaxing, solitary environment. 

The intention therefore, is to encourage a slower interaction and appreciation of our world. 

This conceptual, dream-like approach distinguishes Vance’s work, aligning it with the notion of  ideas that randomly enter the mind while sleeping.

Using Format